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This story is based on an alternate time line created for the purposes of this game and while some events and characters resemble those listed or featured in the movies and expanded universe, there are many other things that are different based on the fictional events of the alternate time line.

How the Stars were Broken….

In the year 6 ABY The Imperial Remnant and the newly formed New Republic were still engaged in a bloody conflict for control of the galaxy, but with the key victory at the Battle of Endor and the loss of the Imperial Capitol of Coruscant to rioting and civil strife it seemed the Imperials were fighting a losing battle. However the remaining Grand Admirals of the Empire began to reorganize the broken Empire and eventually took control as a Council lead by Ysanne Isard former director of Imperial Intelligence. Fanatical in their belief of the Empire and to stubborn to admit defeat or even consider a treaty to end the conflict the Council of Admirals along with Isard formulated a plan to attack the New Republic capitol of Coruscant using the Eclipse Class star destroyer, a ship armed with a super laser with enough firepower to annihilate an entire planet, as their flagship with the aim of destroying the entire New Republic Government at once. Isard took command of the Eclipse along side Grand Admiral Ishin-II-Raz and Grunger and rallied their fleets and launched their assault at once. However The New Republic had been made aware of the Imperial plot and had rallied their own fleet around the capitol world in an attempt to drive them back. Surprised at the forces the New Republic had mustered Isard decided to press the attack regardless and a massive battle erupted in the skies over Coruscant.
Dispite their seemingly superior fleet the Empires dated tactics and underestimating the resourcefulness of the New Republic forces threatened to cost them the battle, and so Isard began charging the Eclipse’s main cannon to fire on the Republic fleet targeting “Home One” Admiral Ackbar’s Flagship hoping to end the battle by breaking the republic fleets command. However seeing the weapon charging prompted the Republic to launch a daring star fighter attack on the powerful Eclipse Star Destroyer and against all odds the squadrons succeeded in damaging the ships main cannon preventing it targeting the Republic Fleet.
Distraught and fearing the loss of the Eclipse and unwilling to destroy Coruscant, Isard ordered the fleet to collapse in on and form a perimeter around the flagship and prepared to retreat, but the Broken Grand Admiral Ishin triggered the main cannon firing sequence in a moment of madness firing an untargeted blast straight at the planet surface, Ishin was executed on the spot by Isard but it was to late the damage was done. The surface of Coruscant was completely devastated by the blast and the sprawling city surface rapidly began to collapse upon itself, killing 10’s of billions of citizens in a matter of seconds and leaving the surface of the planet uninhabitable and unstable.
The Imperial Remnant retreated in the chaos with the damaged Eclipse leaving the stunned and broken New Republic to itself. The entire galaxy was shocked by the loss of the millennia old capitol and it did not take long for countless worlds to begin withdrawing from the New Republic, claiming that it was their weakness and indecisive action that cost the Galaxy Coruscant. Others claiming they would be better off on their own seeing how well the Republic had defended its own capitol. Seemingly overnight the entire galaxy was thrown into chaos once again and the fires of conflict swept over the galaxy.

Enter the Heros!

With small conflicts breaking out all over the galaxy and all out war between the various factions just days away, the need for mercenaries and private contractors is rapidly becoming one of the most lucrative professions in the galaxy aside from smuggling. Smaller planets are looking to maintain their independence no matter the cost, while the Empire and the Republic simpley cant be everywhere at once. Still others look for a formidable private army to raid or otherwise harass their enemies. That’s where the players come in on this story. As elite warriors, heros and veteran commanders from the Galactic Civil War or other conflicts, you lead a sizable force of mercenaries assembled after the dust settled from the Fall of Coruscant. Several Factions have extended contracts of service for your group but you can only choose one at a time and while the choice is not binding for the duration of the game, the choice will affect how the other factions see you and futire contracts.
The choice is yours Commander, how will you lead your forces thru the Path of Broken Stars…


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