House Rules

House Rules Overview

This section exists simply to document all house rules as they are made. Any one playing the game can bring up the concern that something within the game might need to be adjusted within the core rules and if changed it will be put here as a record.

Starship Hanger Change

In the Starships of the Galaxy book the rules for adding hangers states that a hanger costs 8 emplacement point and provides a number of “units” of space equal to the starships cost modifier divided by fifty, in many cases this leads to wholly underwhelming star fighter numbers for the cost of the hanger itself with most frigates only getting a single TIE-fighter for 8 emplacement points.
The House rule is that each hanger purchased and mounted on a ship will now provide a flat number of bays for starfighters. 4 Starfighters of Gargantuan size can be held or 6 of huge size and only 2 of Colossal (Light Freighter) size but nothing larger. Frigates remain the smallest ship that can have a hanger bay installed on it..

No Bounty Hunters

As of this moment the Bounty Hunter Prestige class is off limits until it can be properly balanced. 3 shotting any enemy is simply to much.

House Rules

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