+2 dex, -2 int, -2 str
med size
base speed 6
low light vision
+2 Perception
Reroll any Acrobatics check that would result in falling prone


Felacatians, when exposed to hyperspace travel for too long or when otherwise subject to stress, transform from their humanoid form into a ferocious predatory cat. With much training, Felacatians can learn to shift forms at will. With even further practice, a Felacatian can suppress the urge to shift when they so choose.

A transformed Felacatian gains the following bonuses:

  • +4 Strength
  • +2 Dexterity
  • +2 base speed
  • +2 Natural armor

A transformed Felacatian suffers the following penalties:

  • -2 Intelligence
  • -2 Charisma
  • Typical armor does not fit a transformed Felacatian. Custom armor can fit a transformed Felacatian, but will not fit when in humanoid form.
  • A transformed Felacatian loses manual dexterity, as their hands turn into paws and claws. The Felacatian can not hold anything, including weapons, when transformed.
  • A transformed Felacatian is unable to speak, but can produce sounds appropriate for a large cat.
  • A transformed Felacatian is in tenuous control of their wild nature, surrendering their higher functions to animal instinct. As such, they lack the ability to use advanced technology while transformed.

A transformed Felacatian gains the following natural weapons:

  • Claw, 2 attacks at 2d6
  • Bite, 2d6 + grab


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